When I began to see Maryann, I was seeking relief from immediate anxiety that was causing health problems and emotional problems. I was vaguely aware of the Psych-K method but had no personal experience with any of the techniques. 

Very quickly our sessions started to expose my own hidden motivations and blockages.  These blockages had in turn created life circumstances in which I was “stuck”.   In many ways I was unable to move through life events.  I felt trapped in a dead end job where I was unappreciated, I was holding grudges and unable to forgive, and I was physically suffering from the effects of being stuck in stress and anxiety. 

In the course of a few short months, I’ve been able to take action in ways in which I thought previously impossible.  The relief that I get from working through issues with the Psych-K method somehow allows me to instantly implement much needed changes in my life.  I’ve been able to transition out of my job into a more fulfilling career, and release stagnant destructive thought and emotional patterns.

At times in the past, I had a feeling that seemed like I just wanted to be freed from myself.   I really needed a way to escape cycling thoughts and the sadness of being stuck in what I was convinced was the only life I would have.  I highly recommend Maryann for anyone who can relate to these feelings.   There are times when I look back now at how many obstacles have been removed in such a short time, and I’m in absolute awe.  

I’m convinced that Psych-K therapy when administered by a compassionate and experienced provider like Maryann is a lifesaver and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Tamara Grant

Sandalwood Stone

I killed a man in a car accident when I was 19 years of age.  That was 45 years ago.  That has haunted me all my life.  Maryann through PSYCH-K has released me from the clutches of that nightmare.  That event locked me into mental turmoil which played in the background of my existence.  How could I enjoy life when I was responsible for taking the life of someone else?  It is difficult to explain how the transformation took place through Maryann as a PSYCH-K facilitator but it was if I was looking into the eye of the man I had killed and we were having a heart to heart conversation.  One that released us both in ways that goes beyond mortal understanding into the realm of oneness.    A place where there is no reason to forgive.  Life has a whole new meaning to me now.  I am in awe of the wonder of it all. 

RS 6/26/16