photo of maryann piazza

I am committed to supporting individuals to awaken to their highest potential.  I have been a mental health therapist and workshop presenter for over 30 yrs. After working for many years in traditional talk therapy approaches I found that many clients hit a wall and could not progress.    I have developed a style of work that supports individuals to tap into their higher consciousness.  This process supports an individual to be their own counsel and change old patterns of behavior.

I have reviewed many different approaches and found they were all useful to a degree.  I have since learned to facilitate the practice of PSYCH-K® .   It is  a practice of unlocking the pattern of behavior to change core beliefs and resolve trauma.  After 6 years of this revolutionary practice I am still in awe of witnessing amazing transformations in people’s lives. 

As a client you begin to understand how your subconscious mind creates the patterns of behavior for their life and you can learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to enhance your life.